Plastic Bags - Print Options
Flexographic Printing A versatile printing technology, flexography offers a unique blend of high quality graphics on a wide variety of substances and supports flexible production requirements. Billion Flex’s state-of-the art flexo machines can print astounding quality graphics in up to twelve colors.

Optimized for cost, with straightforward plate making process, lower make-ready costs, and easier design changes, Flexo printing is well suited for economical printing of graphical designs, geometric patterns and non-photography designs.

Rotogravure Printing The gravure printing process enables particularly brilliant print qualities. With the help of top-notch rotogravure presses, and thanks to close cooperation with the preliminary suppliers, Billion Flex can produce carry bags with flawlessly printed half-tone design in up to ten colors.

Optimized for high volumes, and renowned for its superior quality graphics, consistency over long runs and excellent color capacity, rotogravure printing is the technology of choice for producing retail bags in high volumes with half-tone/photography printing.

Matt & Shine Gloss finish Billion Flex has been at the forefront of innovation, lately we introduced the concept of Matt finish carry bags, which give a very subtle, soothing and elegant appearance to your bags. In addition, our talented design team created innovative designs which incorporate shiny and glossy design motifs on top of base matt finish bags. The result is a very classic yet attractive retail bag, which exudes supreme elegance and reflects positively upon the classiness of your brand and products.

LLDPE Linear Low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is thick, heavy, puncture resistant, and translucent film which does not make “rustle” sounds. LLDPE is well suited for thick glossy shopping bags, gift bags, and boutique bags used in the fashion industry. Our machines can print flawless graphics and sharp colors on LLDPE bags to effectively communicate your brand’s fashion statement.

LDPE Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is soft, flexible, stretchy, and breathable film, which also does not make a “rustle” sound and is commonly used to produce transparent packaging bags, produce bags, garment bags, container liners and tear-away bags. Your brand logos, product logos and designs can be easily printed on LDPE bags with precision and sharp quality.

HDPE High density polyethylene (HDPE) features excellent strength, rigidity, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, water, and vapor barrier properties. This material is often used in retail and restaurant industry for sturdy and spill proof take-out bags, t-shirt bags and grocery bags.

Custom designs can be printed on HD bags to advertise your business and market your products.

PP Polypropylene (PP) also exhibits high chemical resistance, strength, high gloss and transparency. Unlike LDPE or LLDPE bags, polypropylene bags are not breathable, resulting in longer product shelf life for retail situations. Additionally, polypropylene bags are clearer than LDPE or LLDPE bags for enhanced product visibility. They are best suited for use as packaging bags in food as well as fashion industry.