Billion Flex strives to produce plastic packaging products exactly in accordance with the customers' individual requirements in different delivery formats. Bag machines convert rolls of printed or plain poly
film into the bag style/construction you require. Slitting, Seaming and inspection machines convert rolls of printed film into shrink sleeves in the required format.

Shrink Films After printing, secondary converting equipment is needed for creating the sleeve. We at Billion Flex are equipped with all required machines for performing various converting processes such as : Slitting to one label width, leaving clear area for Seaming on one side, Seaming, Inspection of seaming and Rolling of the sleeve.

A high degree of efficiency in the upstream processes can only be achieved by manufacturing and processing in the largest possible material widths. However, the customers' production facilities frequently demand narrower roll widths. The "large rolls", which are optimal for the manufacturing process, are slit on high-performance cutters to the dimensions required by customers for their own processing.

Seaming & Rewinding
Converting equipment for seaming consists of a seamer for centre sealing with a solvent that bonds the edges of the substrate together creating a tube. Since the seaming process is very sensitive, we have invested in the most advance technologies to ensure that the correct amount of solvent is applied in the most efficient way.

Inspection & Rewinding
At Billion Flex, we use inspection machines specifically designed for shrink sleeve labels. Two techniques are used – Air Pipes and Balloons. Air Pipes – blow in the direction of the seaming area. In cases where the area has not been sealed well, the air will open the sleeve. Balloon – running the sleeve between two grippers that prevent air flow. In case the sealing is not perfect, the balloon will deflate and the problem will be spotted.

Retail Bag/Packing Bag Converting bags or bag making is the process of turning the roll of plastic poly film, printed or plain, into the bag style/construction you require. We offer top-fold bags, bottomfold bags, side-gusset bags, bottom-gusset bags and flat bags. The bags can be supplied with or without handles in various designs.

Billion Flex has installed a wide array of converting machines such as Side Gusseting, Bottom Guessting, Side Sealing, Bottom Sealing, Handle Molding and Handle Fixing to ensure that we can address all your packaging needs and requirements.