Billion Flex has invested in state-of-the-art software, hardware and talent to create an in-house Graphics Design & Consulting group capable of handling all of your design needs, large or small. At
Billion Flex you’ll find a “make it happen” approach to every project. At Billion, we print your dreams! Our graphic specialists have a genuine desire to grow and contribute. It’s this kind of inventive culture that sets us apart.

Packaging & Printing Consultation Our Prepress consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in a broad range of printing technologies and applications. We invest in ongoing training programs so they can stay informed about new innovations in packaging design and their relationship with printing processes. Armed with such current technical know-how, our design consultants can closely collaborate with you to devise the best possible packaging solution within your budget and timeline.

Graphics & Artwork Creation Need a design solution that will help you reach your target audience? With diverse backgrounds including graphics/fine art degrees, computer science degrees, and illustration, our talented designers can create innovative graphics and design solutions to effectively market your brand. We can design custom art using your company identification and help materialize all your design visions into print reality.

Artwork Finalization If you have an existing design or artwork, we will assess it from an economical and technical perspective, identify potential weaknesses, possible reproduction problems, and formulate a diagnosis. No matter where your design comes from, we can adapt and reproduce it in order to obtain the highest quality flexographic or rotogravure printing.

Color Management We also specialize in the creation and modification of multi-color process separations which are critical for high quality printing. Our pre-press staff works hand-in-hand with plate/cylinder suppliers to provide intuitive image retouching, color correction and ink replacement services which help ensure that brand integrity is maintained across multiple production processes and substrates/raw-materials. Equipment, dot gain and ink density are all carefully considered then factored into the productions of the finished separations.

Proofing & Dummy Creation With our sample cutting table we have the ability to develop and create dimensionalized dummies or prototypes, detailing size, print location, print appearance, and colors. This provides you with the valuable opportunity to proof your new packaging solution for color & print accuracy as well as structurally accuracy, without the expense of costly press runs.

For our Shrink Sleeve customers we offer a value-added service that allows you to preview your graphics "shrunk" onto your container -- with 360 degree rotation -- allowing you to catch problems sooner and improve the presentation of your brand message.

Only after you confirm and approve the proofs, print plates and cylinders are ordered and the print job is scheduled.