Shrink Sleeves - Print Options
U. V. Shrink Film
We offer shrink sleeve labels converted from imported UV shrink films (cast) for heat sensitive products. Applications of Labels made from UV films are manifold. Their usage may be considered where products are heat/light sensitive and more so for cosmetics, fragrances, beverages, confectionery etc.

Heat Transfer Foil We have recently incorporated the capability to print on heat transfer foil. It offers a seamless look and suits mostly round containers, barrels, jars… gold and silver in foil like effects can be used. This can be printed in upto 10 colors.

PLA Shrink FilmPOLYLACTIDE shrink film, also called PLA shrink film, is a biodegradable and compostable polymer made from lactic acid. Lactic acid is made from fermenting the sugar dextrose, found in many different agricultural crops. PLA is a corn based film & the waste can thoroughly biodegrade into water and carbon dioxide under compost condition in 3-6 months.

PLA can also meet the demand of unique shaped containers because of its exceptional characteristics such as clarity, gloss , shrinkage properties & scratch resistance results into modern no-label look application.

Special Effects Billion Flex offers wide range of special effects using special inks and combination of surface and under-surface printing.

•  Matt and gloss effects

•  Fluorescent's

•  Metallic's

•  High Lustre Finishes

•  Pearlescent

Holographic Shrink Sleeves:Holographic shrink sleeves are an additional security seal. Holographic stripe clearly stands out for authentication, and has to be destroyed before the cap can be opened. Our holographic shrink sleeve has a tamper evident holographic stripe that provides a reliable security solution to protect branded bottled goods against counterfeiting and refilling. The holographic shrink sleeve is highly effective in packaging of beverages, spirits, condiments and processed foods.

Holographic shrink sleeve contains tamper-evident holographic band, which can be incorporated manually or automatically. We provide holographic shrink sleeve in the form of continuous tube, cut to size or in shape of the closure.