Shrink Labels
Affordable pricing, reliable quality, reputed brand equity - you'ev got it all. So what's stopping your products from being sold like hot cakes ? Well, as the old proverb goes, you need steam to sell the
steak. Billion Flex Shrink Sleeves give your products the steam of shelf - appeal.

Billion Flex Shrink sleeves are the perfect solution for unusual packaging shapes and sizes with edges or contours, and on any surface - glass, metal or plastic. At Billion Flex, we use high quality inks that are heat and
UV resistant, to reproduce half-tones, special colors and special effects yielding awe-inspiring results. Our sleeves can easily handle multiple and varying pack combinations like combi-packs, mixed pack promos (conglomerated products), eco-packs(two-for-one-offers), duo-pocket sleeves and limited edition packs to perfectly execute your marketing strategies.

Why Billion Flex Shrink Sleeves
  • Billion Flex Shrink Sleeves are made from high-shrink cast films using PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA specially imported from Japan, Germany and Taiwan.
  • Shrink Sleeves manufactured on top-of-the-line printing presses that can print up to 10 colors on reverse or surface, and can slit, sleeve, doctor, cut and shape each Shrink Label to pin-point accuracy.
  • Shrink Sleeves available with upto 2 Hot Melt Bands Exclusive treatment for conical-shaped containers for ultra firm fitting
  • Rolls for Automatic Sleeve Applicator Machines
  • Entire process conducted in hygienic, air-conditioned shop floors
  • Installed capacity to manufacture 5 Million shrink sleeves per day (0.5 Million meters per day) which enables to offer delivery within 4-5 days
  • Billion Flexipack offers wide range of special effects using special inks and combination of surface and reverse printing like - Matt and Gloss effects, Fluorescents, Metallics, High Luster Finishes, Pearlescent
Primary Markets
- Cosmetics and Beauty Products - Food & Beverage
- Pharmaceuticals and Horticulture - Confectionery
- Writing Instruments - Dairy Products
- Consumer Goods - Spirits
- Agro Products - Oil & Lubricants and many more...